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There are over 200 wildfires blazing across British Columbia this month, forcing over 14,000 British Columbian residents from their homes. Click here to read "Ways You Can Help the BC Wildfire Relief Effort".
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TYK to [personal profile] siglinde99 for introducing me to these awesome Sikh Canadian Bhangra Dancers! Check out their videos for their joyous dancing (and their charity fund-raising): Maritime Bhangra Group.

Here they are dancing at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday:

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Happy National Canadian Film Day! Events, streaming, downloads, TV viewing! CLICK FOR ALL THE DETAILS HERE.
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I'm a member of both Sierra Club U.S. and Sierra Club Canada, and I want to share this image that Sierra Club Canada posted today along with their news of offering discounted memberships to join the resistance against Trump's assault on environmentalism.

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Sierra Club Canada discounted membership info.
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On Saturday, August 20, at 8:30 p.m. ET the Hip will put a cap on the Man Machine Poem tour with a hometown show at Kingston's Rogers K-Rock Centre, and CBC will be there to broadcast it to the world, commercial-free, across television, radio and digital platforms. Click on link below for all details.

How To Watch The Tragically Hip's August 20th Concert

This will be the last Hip concert, as Gord Downie deals with his worsening glioblastoma.
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Before I completely die of the cute, here, have an adorable pic of PM Justin Trudeau with Canada's newly-born panda cubs Jia Panpan (meaning Canadian Hope) and Jia Yueyue (meaning Canadian Joy), and the accompanying New Yorker article: "Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis".

And a related video:

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Justin Trudeau in Toronto's Pride Parade! I <3 you, PM Trudeau!

Click link below for video!

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And TYK to [profile] hiswasburgundy for gifting me with two "Fangirl for Canada" icons plus a Fraser/Kowalski icon.
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Oh Canada! Tomorrow I leave for a week in Ottawa for a long-dreamed-of long-planned visit to RCMP HQ and to see the Musical Ride and the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies!
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You are encouraged to comment: if you see a Canadian film between now and Paul Gross's birthday (which is April 30), post a review here in celebration!
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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day to the Canadians and the Canadaphiles of my flist!
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Heritage Day Canada

Wishing a happy Heritage Day to the dSC6D fen in Alberta!
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What it says in the subject line! Link to National Canadian Film Day website
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Are any of my flisties fans of the Canadian band Walk Off the Earth?

I'm going to see them next month in Chicago on their concert tour and would <3 to meet up with other fans there.
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I want to write about All The Things from VividCon two weeks ago and RCW 139 Con last week...but I don't have the spoons for all that writing just now. In the meantime, here is perhaps the start of the "Canadians Confront Atomic Weaponry" trope that latterly appears in such places as due South and Buried on Sunday.

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