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Hawks and Hands by Dira Sudis [Explicit]

For my last rec of the month, it's a fic that has already received many a rec, but in light of what's going on with my home-town team, the Hawks, and their massive winning streak, I just can't resist making this Hawks!fic today's rec.

Fandom : due South
Pairings : Ray Kowalski / OMC, Benton Fraser / Mark Smithbauer, Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : dsudis
Author Website : on AO3
Additional Tag : AU
Length : 20,2967 words

Why this must be read : Does "eighteen sex scenes strung together with angst and hockey" sound good to you? If so, that's why it must be read. (And note that there are six other fics that Dira has written in this same 'verse, and they are listed at the end of this fic.)

Hawks and Hands
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Diefenbaker's Other Daddy by Bast [Explicit]
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author Website : benandrayk.com

Why this must be read : On a website loaded with "Serious Duck Award" winners and "Serge Award" winners in multiple categories, it's hard to say why any one should be read rather than another, so I hope that y'all will peruse the rest of the site after you read this fic -- plus the website has terrific fanart accompanying the fics. As for this particular fic, though, it had me at the title...so if you love Dief it's a must-read right there, because he is central to the storyline...how the shared caring for Dief leads to realizations about marriage and family...and some good sex, too.

I <3 this scene where the assistant to Dief's vet flirts with Ray :

"Here we are," Ray said as he swung open the glass door and stepped inside.

A slim blond man with spiked hair and lots of earrings, dressed in lavender scrubs, rushed over and knelt by Diefenbaker, hugging him hard as Ray stood right inside the door, stunned. He looked up towards Ray and smiled a huge smile.

"Oh hello! You must be Diefenbaker's other daddy," the blond trilled before rising and heading back around the counter.

"Uh, hi…" Ray said hesitantly. "Daddy – uh –"

"Come on back to room seven. Doctor Lombardo is just finishing up with another patient, and she'll be right with you." The blond looked appreciatively at Ray, giving him the eye. "Lucky Sergeant Fraser and Diefenbaker."

Ray blushed.

Diefenbaker's Other Daddy

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link to due South recs on crack_van

Runaway American Dream
by Jai (AKA lordessrenegade) [Explicit]

Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray "Ace" Leary
Author on LJ : soundslikej
Author Website : on AO3
Additional Tag : AU
Length : 6,979 words

Why this must be read : Because this fic is totally for the win when it comes to taking canon (in this case, the "Dr. Longball" episode) and giving it an AU twist (in this case, Ray really is a baseball player on the Willison team). Perfect Fraser and Ray voices, good featuring of Diefenbaker. And it gets hotter than a home run on a summer day!

Ray left the locker room thinking of a big juicy burger from the Main Street diner and found a wolf instead....looked up at him with these big blue eyes and made a noise that was way too pathetic to come out of something that big.

"What?" he asked, and decided not to think too much about the fact that he was talking to a dog. "What'a you want, mutt?"

"I expect he wants you to feed him," came the reply from behind him. "Although why he would think that you had food is anyone's guess."

Ray turned and wasn't entirely surprised to see the Mountie crossing the parking lot. "Well I was thinking about a burger. Maybe he's psychic. He yours?"

"In a manner of speaking, although I'm sure he'd take exception to the notion. As for his psychic abilities, I'd venture to say you're probably not too far off the mark."

Ray grinned and turned back to the dog. "Ok, mutt, what am I thinking now?" The dog let out a low growl. "Hey," he said, turning to Fraser, "he's right. Pretty smart dog."

"Oh, he wasn't answering you," Fraser corrected him. "He was simply expressing his displeasure at being called 'mutt'. He's half wolf, and tends to be sensitive about these things. Oh, and also, he can't hear you. He's reading your lips."

Ray raised his eyebrows. "You have a lip-reading wolf."

"Or he has me. I fear that's a debate that will never be satisfactorily resolved."

"Does he like burgers?"

Fraser raised an eyebrow. "Dief likes anything that's edible. And many things that aren't."

"Because there's this diner on Main Street that's got the best burgers in Illinois. And probably in the whole damn country."

Fraser looked a little confused. "Well thank you for the recommendation, Ace. Maybe we will stop in there for dinner later."

"Ray," he heard himself saying without really knowing why.

"I'm sorry?"

"Ray. It's…my name is Ray."

"Oh, I apologize. I was quite sure I heard—"

"Ace. Yeah. That's what…it's what people call me. But my name's Ray."

Runaway American Dream

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link to due South recs on crack_van

The In-Laws Series by bethbethbeth [Teen and Up]
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : bethbethbeth
Author Websites : AO3 ; Madwoman in the Basement
Why this must be read :

This is an absolutely charming view of how the in-law relationships develop with Ray's parents and with Fraser's parents as Fraser and Ray become a couple. I am deliberately not going into much detail here because I want you, the readers, to see this unfold without spoilers from me.

Part One : Preternatural Guidance

Part Two : Coming Attractions

Part Three : Small World
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Copy as it appears on crack_van :

An Alternate Existence by The Moo, with fanart by Janice Sager [M]

Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : themoo37
Author Website : The Moo-niverse
Why this must be read :

I <3 The Moo so much that I have been struggling with deciding which fic of hers to rec here : from comedy that makes me laugh until I cry to death!fic that makes me just plain cry until I'm all cried out, I have so many faves amongst her fics. Then I thought to rec a series of hers that has comedy, drama, death!fic all clearly marked as such in separate sections, so...chacun à son goût.

Excerpt of author's summary from her website : This is a series of alternate universe Fraser/Kowalski stories....F/K in different time periods...a few different takes on how life might have turned out for a couple of souls that sometimes find themselves born in the same place, the same time, the same gender and destined to fall in love.

An Alternate Existence
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Different Ways of Doing Things by dS_Tiff (G)

FOR CRACK_VAN COLLISIONS DAY (the day for crossovers)

Fandoms : due South ; A-Team
No Pairings
Author on LJ : ds_tiff
Author Website : on AO3
Why this must be read :

Tiff is a masterful writer of due South gen fic, strong on meticulously detailed plot-lines and spot-on character voicing. Her first foray into cross-over shines with all the same fine skill of story-telling and characterization.

Different Ways of Doing Things
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Turn Toward Home by vsee (rating between G and M)

Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : vsee
Author's fics on LJ
Why this must be read :

I'm rec'ing, ON VALENTINE'S DAY, this fic about Fraser and Kowalski's first Valentine's Day together. That in itself is enough reason at this juncture for why this must be read today...but beyond that it's an oh-so-beautifully-written fic of sweetness and gentleness.

Turn Toward Home
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The post as it appears on crack_van :

Like a House on Fire by nicci_mac (Mature)
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski
Author on LJ : nicci_mac
Author Website : Welcome to the Nexus
Why this must be read :

Why? Because it's totally fun! This "pic fic by nic" is an ingenious and hilarious construction of screencaps from the show with nicci's own captions to tell a somewhat different story than canon...one that includes "boinking rubber duckies," RayK's "proof-of-gayness" test, and the intimation of blow jobs.

Like a House on Fire
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RayV farewell phone call
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Father Confessor by keerawa (G; Teen & Up)
Fandom : due South
No pairing
Author on LJ : keerawa
Author website : keerawa on AO3
Why this must be read :

Rounding out my week of recs featuring RayV is this powerful and moving RayV-centric fic told from the POV of Father Behan, the Vecchio family's priest. Tremendous development of Father Behan's character and brilliant use of his POV to tell us so much about both Ray himself and the Vecchio family (especially fine -- and painful -- details about Frannie and about Angie). This fic intricately weaves together backstory and canon elements and new insights, from Ray's childhood up to his marriage proposal to Stella.

Father Confessor
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If You Want to Be Polite by belmanoir (Explicit)
Fandom : due South
Pairing : Benton Fraser / Ray Vecchio
Length : 3,640 words
Author on LJ : belmanoir
Author Website : belmanoir on AO3
Why this must be read :

This first-time, set immediately after "Vault," begins with a delightful "clueless boys" set-up, then winningly balances the sweet sex with the equally sweet friendship between the boys. Perfect voices, perfectly believable interactions. Aaaaaaaand one of my very favorite kinks : getting Fraser WET.

Ray says, "I mean, you had your sleeves rolled up and there was water pouring off you like you were in a carwash porno and your eyelashes had droplets of water in them and God, those lights..." He trails off because Fraser has stopped kissing his neck.

If You Want to Be Polite
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It's my first time driving the crack_van on LJ. Here's how it looks, copied from the comm :

Superman is Bleeding by ButterflyGhost
ride_4ever here, driving the due South crack_van for February. I'm a first-time driver, and thrilled to be here. I'm going to start out with a fic by bghost in celebration of her one-year fanniversary.

Fandom : due South
No Pairing : Gen friendship of Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio
Rating : General; no warnings apply.
Length : 9 chapters; 22,594 words
Author on LJ : bghost
Author Website : ButterflyGhost on AO3
Why this must be read :

It's got something for you if you want to read an intense friendship!fic. It's got something for you if you want to read a well-developed case!fic with an array of canon characters and interesting OC's. It's got something for you if you want to see how strange Fraser has to get for people to think that's even strange for Fraser.

Superman is Bleeding


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