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Hey, Muskrat wannabees! If you are not currently registered for Muskrat Jamboree and the thing holding you back is the registration fee, apply for one of these 3 available scholarships and you might get free registration to attend this final MJ.

Click here for scholarship application details.
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My hotel reservation and travel arrangements are now made! I can haz muskrats for sure!

I'll be arriving the Wednesday night before MJ. If any of my flisties are muskratting and will be there as early as Wednesday night or Thursday, LMK.
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Registered! I can haz muskrats!

And TYK to [personal profile] shayheyred for this muskrat icon!
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First seen at MJ 2013, then seen again when posted by [personal profile] taste_is_sweet . Just so full of YAY for this, must continue to SHARE!

See vid at : http://ride-4ever.livejournal.com/28133.html
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I am being a total failygirl at posting an immediate lengthy report about MJ 2013...but I just gotta put it out there righrt now that fen are love and MJ was awesome and I totes worship the MJ Con Comm ( [personal profile] brooklinegirl , [personal profile] mrsronweasley , [personal profile] drlense  ).
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Two years in the planning : I'm on my way to Muskrat Jamboree N O W !

(Posted via smartphone while on the Amtrak train from Chicago to Boston.)
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OMG, just one week until I leave for MJ! *bounces and bounces*
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 The panel I proposed as one of the panels for the upcoming Muskrat Jamboree -- panel title For Reasons That DO Need Exploring At This Juncture : (Nearly) 20 Years of due South -- has been voted in! Co-modding will be myself and bethbethbeth.


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