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Older_Not_Dead : Love for the Over-40's has opened their August Promptathon. It's a multifandom challenge to create fanworks where the pairing is 40 or older even if in canon they are younger. The theme is "remember when". The dSC6D fandoms in the August Promptathon are posted as follows :


Bob/Caroline. Remember when we were alive.

Fraser/Kowalski. Remember when we fell into that ice crevasse.

Fraser/Victoria. Remember when you hoped for a second chance.

RayV/RayK. Remember when you worked with Fraser?

Fraser/?. Remember when you saved my life?


Joe/Billy. Remember when fame hadn't fucked things up for us yet.


Chris/Amy. Remember when I almost married your sister.


Geoffrey/Ellen. Remember when you promised this would never happen again?

?/?. Remember when the costume closet caught on fire on tech night?

?/?. Remember when we did this for fun?

There is also a list of 25 prompts which may be applied to any fandom with any pairing. This promptathon will run until the end of August, to be followed immediately by an amnesty when ANY prompts from ANY of the previous promptathons may be used.
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Amnesty ends on the last day of April for Older_Not_Dead, Love for the Over-40's, so check out the amnesty post with 19 sections of prompts.

TYK to [personal profile] nakeisha for running this comm!
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TITLE: And in the End? It's Love

FANDOM: Hard Core Logo

PAIRING: Billy Tallent / Dead!Joe Dick

GENRE: Slash


PROMPT: Travelling to concert gig on the tour bus

RATING: Teen and Up

WORD COUNT: 200 words - double drabble

SUMMARY: The last words Joe and Billy heard together when Joe was alive are repeated by dead!Joe.

WARNING: Canonical character death precedes this fic.

(Yeah, the comm is for older not dead, but actually this fic has one older not dead character and one older AND dead character.)

Fic at AO3
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The 19th Older Not Dead (Love for the Over 40's) Promptathon is running now through the end of November at http://older-not-dead.livejournal.com/. The theme is "transportation" and the following prompts for dSC6D are in this promptathon:


Fraser/Kowalski. Helicopter (or) helicopter airlift.
Fraser/Kowalski. Motorcycle (or) motorcycle crash.
Fraser/Kowalski. Sleeper car.

Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling home for Christmas.
Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio. Travelling up the iceroads to see Benny and Kowalski.

Bob Fraser/Caroline Fraser. Dogsled.

Frannie Vecchio/Renfield Turnbull. Limousine.

Fraser/?. It has been a long time since Fraser hitchhiked, and longer still since he had to 'pay' for it.

Ray Vecchio/?. Buick Riviera.

?/?. Annual Chicago car show at McCormick Place.



Dead!Joe Dick/Billy Tallent. Travelling to concert gigs on the tour bus.



Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Anniversary trip.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Boating around the island.
Duck MacDonald/Dan Jarvis. Parade float.
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Older Not Dead - Love For The Over 40's is accepting prompts through July 28th for Promptathon 18. Older_Not_Dead Promptathon

Go suggest some prompts! In August fill some prompts!

The following dS prompts have been suggested so far, for the theme history:

RayK/Stella. Do you remember that time in high school history class?

RayV/Angie. Years after the divorce, their shared history brings them back together.

Fraser/Victoria. Will history repeat itself?

Fraser/RayK. Line taken directly from canon: "Take a look back through history and what do you see?"
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TITLE: Ray's Got Peter Pan Hands

PROMPT: hot dogs

RATING: Teen & Up


SUMMARY: Domestic contentment and hand jobs in a long-established relationship.

Fic at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1711919
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There's prompts for due South et al at http://older-not-dead.livejournal.com. This is for fanworks featuring pairings who are older than 40 (they don't have to be older than 40 in canon, but they have to be older than 40 in the fanworks); deadline is the last day of May.
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Written for the sixteenth promptathon of the older_not_dead (love for the over-40's) community on LiveJournal. The theme was "music" and the prompt was "Do I have to dance all night?" for the pairing Fraser/Kowalski.

TITLE : I'm Forty-One, the Moon is Full

PAIRING : Benton Fraser / Ray Kowalski

RATING : Teen & Up


SUMMARY : In Ray Kowalski's forty-first year, Leonard Cohen spoke to him -- well, not personally, but it felt pretty damn personal.

FIC ON AO3 : http://archiveofourown.org/works/1252195
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There's prompts for due South et al at http://older-not-dead.livejournal.com and at http://battle.oxoniensis.org/main.html. The former is fanworks featuring pairings who are older than 40 (they don't have to be older than 40 in canon, but they have to be older than 40 in the fanworks); deadline is the last day of February. The latter is porny fanworks for Porn Battle 15; deadline is February 16 at 20:00 GMT.
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Two fic I wrote during WriSoMiFu.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Title: Bringing It to the Boiling Point
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser / Kowalski
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 300 (triple drabble)

AN: Written for the Older_Not_Dead prompt-a-thon with the theme of h/c and using the following five prompts (which maybe makes this a kind of "5 Things" fic) : “As his eyesight continued to worsen.” – “It was the old injury, the bullet in the back.” – “Live for you, die for you.” – “Not a permanent solution.” – “The day as it ends.”

TYK to [profile] bghost for cheerleading and for beta.

Summary: The absence of Fraser troubles Kowalski, and the absence of Kowalski troubles Fraser...and something is brewing between them that's about to reach the boiling point.

Fic at AO3

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Title: Do You Say "Zee" or Do You Say "Zed"?
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski
Rating: Gen
Genres: Humor ; Dialogue-Only
Word Count: 300 (triple drabble)

AN: This is a triple drabble written for the fan_flashworks "Z Challenge," which stated "fanworks must contain someone or something that starts with the letter Z". This fic contains twenty-one occurrences of someone or something that starts with the letter Z (overachiever much?).

Summary: Fraser lectures Ray about the letter "zed". Ray tries to sleep through the lecture.

Fic at AO3
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The month-of-November multifandom promptathon, with the theme hurt/comfort, is now open at Older_Not_Dead on LJ. The idea is to make fanworks with a slash pairing of 40-or-older characters; it doesn't matter whether or not they are 40 or older in canon, but they must be 40 or older for fanworks in this challenge. There are six due South prompts for the month of November.


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