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The RCW 139 con comm has just completed a test run of webcasting for the con, and it's all set to go! If you've never used Bambuser, all you need to do is go to this webcasting channel:


You will then see a list of broadcasts, either live or saved. Click on the appropriate broadcast to view, and that's it! Every broadcast, live or saved, also features a chat room, so you can chat live with other fen and also leave comments after the fact! Note that you will need to be signed in, either with a Bambuser account or even more simply, through Facebook, to leave comments.

It's recommended that you visit now and click on the green "Follow rcw139" button, as you can then register your e-mail address and receive a notification when a webcast goes live.
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August! One week 'til I go to VividCon! Two weeks 'til I go to RCW139 Con! Three weeks 'til deadline for dSC6D Big Bang! *flails, bounces, runs in circles, collapses*
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Posted here by request of the RCW 139 Con Committee :

There have been a few cancellations so there are now a few last-minute openings for convention attendees. So if you want to "saddle up your travelling shoes" and attend the con, send an e-mail to : info at rcw139 dot org

If you can't attend, but would like to receive the same "goody bag" as those attending, you can have one shipped to you by getting a supporting membership. Go to "The Goody Bag Page" http://www.rcw139.org/documents/124.html for all the details about supporting memberships, including how to order.

Support RCW 139, the world's only due South convention!
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The RCW 139 Con Comm is selling supporter packs now to non-attending fen who would like to receive the same "goody bags" as those attending the Con. Details at : http://www.rcw139.org/documents/124.html \O/


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