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Two fic I wrote during WriSoMiFu.
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Title: Bringing It to the Boiling Point
Fandom: due South
Pairing: Fraser / Kowalski
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 300 (triple drabble)

AN: Written for the Older_Not_Dead prompt-a-thon with the theme of h/c and using the following five prompts (which maybe makes this a kind of "5 Things" fic) : “As his eyesight continued to worsen.” – “It was the old injury, the bullet in the back.” – “Live for you, die for you.” – “Not a permanent solution.” – “The day as it ends.”

TYK to [profile] bghost for cheerleading and for beta.

Summary: The absence of Fraser troubles Kowalski, and the absence of Kowalski troubles Fraser...and something is brewing between them that's about to reach the boiling point.

Fic at AO3

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Title: Do You Say "Zee" or Do You Say "Zed"?
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton Fraser, Ray Kowalski
Rating: Gen
Genres: Humor ; Dialogue-Only
Word Count: 300 (triple drabble)

AN: This is a triple drabble written for the fan_flashworks "Z Challenge," which stated "fanworks must contain someone or something that starts with the letter Z". This fic contains twenty-one occurrences of someone or something that starts with the letter Z (overachiever much?).

Summary: Fraser lectures Ray about the letter "zed". Ray tries to sleep through the lecture.

Fic at AO3
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I posted every day but one during this year's WriSoMiFu (missed the night before Thanksgiving -- exhausted pre-holiday me was exhausted). Sadly this comm has now closed permanently, but happily there is a new comm, You Should Be Writing -- http://ushobwri.livejournal.com/ -- which has arisen out of it. Check-ins every Wednesday all year round for what we formerly got just in the month of November.

To quote Captain Jack Harkness : "Now we carry on. You can. We all can. The end is where we start from."
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The annual WriSoMiFu on LJ, which deliberately runs at the same time as NaNoWriMo, started yesterday. Here, verbatim, is what I posted to that comm :

Hello, fellow MiFus! I'm ride_4ever, here for my second year of misery-loving-company along with some sparking the creativity. I write fic in due South and in Canadian Six Degrees. Last year WriSo got me through writing for the due South Seekrit Santa; this year I'm a beta for it but not a writer for it. I'm looking to accomplish these thingzwithwordz this time around : making at least the daily minimum of ten minutes, and finishing two gift!fics that have been WIP's all year.

Yesterday, the first day of WriSoMiFu 2013, I went up to the attic of my house for the ultimate in non-distraction, committed to the 10 minutes and then HOLY FUCK I WROTE FOR A WHOLE HOUR WITHOUT STOPPING. The result : a COMPLETED due South quintuple drabble.
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Celebrating a successful WriSoMiFu month! Wrote fic every day for the whole month of November!

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ride_4ever: (MiFu FTS)

For some it's NaNoWriMo Month, for others (and I am one) it's WriSoMiFu Month. Here's how the WriSoMiFu comm works on LJ : an annual month-long writing group for procrastinators who enjoy the company of same. To join, all you need to do is commit to writing (original fic, fanfic, your thesis, your memoirs, your to-do list - - anything!) for at least ten minutes each day for the entire month of November. And you are encouraged to complain bitterly about every single word!

Note : membership opens every October and closes October 31. The 2012 membership is now closed.



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