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No,not an epic fail to pursue the 31 days of blogging meme. Rather, a deliberate cessation to ponder the significance of being misread in the course of a casual entry made (and now deleted) to fill one of those 31 days with a passing notion that I wouldn't have even mentioned under non-meme circumstances. Better to be deleted than to be misunderstood.
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Today I wanted to quote from [personal profile] cesperanza on her topic "musings on fandom, friends, and creativity," but such is the awesomeness of ces that I really don't want to edit out a single word of it, so go read for yourselves : http://cesperanza.livejournal.com/311510.html

(And, ces, if you're reading me, here's a reminder that we still have that Canadian ale thing to do together....)
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Today's blog is for pimping a challenge : if this sounds like a thing that could be YOUR thing, check out the current "Canadian Blowjob Day Challenge" at http://ds-noticeboard.livejournal.com/1607148.html
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Happy Rosh Hashanah! L'shanah tovah! In honor of Erev Rosh Hashanah, here is kass's SGA Yeshiva AU : A Narrow Bridge http://trickster.org/kass/narrowbridge.html

I had the great pleasure of meeting [personal profile] kass at VividCon last month, discussing the writing of fic wherein characters who are not canonically Jewish ARE Jewish in the fic (as in my own rabbi!Fraser fic WIP, currently being co-written with [personal profile] butterflyghost).
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Today is the birthday of [profile] demon_bride, a day of such import that I'm making this pronouncement my sole post for today.
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Community pimping for daysofawesome the annual Jewish characters ficathon : http://daysofawesome.livejournal.com/ . Characters do not have to be canonically Jewish, but there must be Jewish characters in the fic.

L'shanah tovah!
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Flailing about the Wrangulator'verse on AO3!

Here's what Fanlore says about Wrangulator : "The Wrangulator is an imaginary steampunk-inspired machine in which the AO3's tag wrangling team works. The universe was originally imagined in Campfire chat discussions, then established by jinjur in Forma, a tag wrangler RPF fic. Other tag wranglers quickly added stories to the Wrangulator'verse. Black Samvara created fanart of the Wrangulator in quiddity. Awils1 created corresponding RPF that featured the members of the Support team, set in the same timeframe."

For works tagged Wrangulator'verse in AO3, see : http://archiveofourown.org/tags/wrangulatorverse/works
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The day two blog post has been deleted for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture.
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Many of y'all have been doing the 31 days of blogging meme for August...well, blame it on one of those glitches in the space-time continuum, but I'm starting it on August 30 and going to September 30 for my 31 days of blogging. I I was just thinking about having attended my first VividCon earlier this month -- more awesomeness than I'm going to get into in one post -- but for today I'm going to make mention of having met Kandy Fong, "the mother of fanvids". Check this out : "Celebrating Kandy Fong : Founder of Fannish Music Videos" at http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/2007/11/19/celebrating-kandy-fong-founder-of-fannish-music-video ; it includes Kandy's Star Trek slideshow that's considered to be the first-ever example of fannishly combining music with found footage.


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